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„Play fair – be honest with you an with the others!“

"Jesus says: „Stay in my love!“ " (John 15,9)

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Monthly Motto January

Motto: „Play fair – be honest with you an with the others!“ Scripture: John 15,9 “Jesus says: Stay in my love!” Impulse: The beginning of the year is the time of the good intentions. „To be honest“ – surely this is one of the all time favourites. But: Honesty without love can hurt – as

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Monthly Motto December 2017

„Do your best! –Commit yourself completely and with joy!” Scripture: ( Lk 2,10) “I give you good news of great joy!”   Impulse: Maybe you are also one of those people who is already thinking about what to give to your friends and family as a Christmas present. Because there is nothing better than seeing

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Monthly motto November 2017

“Make a difference! – Big goals we can reach only together!” Bible Text: (Mt 18,20) „For where two or three are come together in my name, there am I among them.!“   Impulse: „If I had only asked for help!“ – Do you also know this feeling? We often face situation in which we think

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National youth meetings 2017

During this summer, there have been several national meetings in poland, hungary or romania. There will be detailed reports from the meetings soon, but here are some pictures and Videos as a first impression Impressions from the polish national youth meeting Nearly 80 alumni of the social project weeks in Poland 🇵🇱 and their friends

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Monthly motto September 2017

“Take care of – treat everybody with respect, everybody is important!” Bible Text: (Mt 25,40) „What you did to the least of these my brothers, you did it to me..“ Impulse „Take care!“ – in the english language this is a very common phrase to say good bye. It means something like „take good care

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Monthly motto August 2017

„Hang in – don’t give up, even when it is difficult!“ Scripture: Ps 80,8 “Lord, raise us up again!” Impulse: Sometimes there is the feeling: everything is geeting too much, all the others are annoying me anyway and I just want to break up with everything and be just on my own. Sometimes it is

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