das jugendsoziale Netzwerk in Mittel- und Osteuropa


„Hang in- Commit yourself completely and with joy!“

„Your Yes shall be a Yes, your No shall be a No.“ (Mt 5,37)

Succesfull call for donations

In the middle of August hundreds of young people from europe will come together for the “Compact for Europe” meeting in Budapest. To enable as much young people this project, socioMovens started an call for donations of the online-fundraising plattform betterplace.org. Within a few month 3670 Euro were collected. A big success! We want to

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Compact for Europe

The International Youth Project “Compact for Europe“, carried out from 12-17 August 2018 in Budapest, serves as a six-day network meeting for the establishment of youth-social commitment in Central and Eastern Europe on the ground of christian values. One of the main goals of this encounter is the examination of the social issues and social

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Experience Report Croatia

Train-Driver Places, which fascinate me the most are airports. I like to look at all those people, who hurry up there. Some are trying to hide their wistfulness and their tears. Other are defining themselves through the value of their wristwatches, the cut of their hair, the brilliance of their shoes or the valuable documents

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Enthusiasm without borders

National Youth-Meetings of SocioMovens are promoting european engagement At the end of August 2017, there was a national meeting with 75 young people in lipova, romania. They all participated in the social project weeks of the Kommende Dortmund and the SocioMovens e.V. This meeting belongs to a project, which stimulates a youthsocial movement in east-europe.

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Monthly Motto August

„Hang in- Commit yourself completely and with joy!“ Holy Scripture: Mt 5,37 „Your Yes shall be a Yes, your No shall be a No.“   Impulse: Sometimes it’s hard to make decisions. Especially when the big decisions of life are coming up: what should I do after school? Which job do I want to take?

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Monthly Motto July 2018

“Play fair – be honest with yourself and the others!” Scripture: John 8,32 Jesus says: „If you keep my word, then you are truly my disciples. And you will have knowledge of what is true. And that will make you free!“ (John 8,32) Impulse: Many of us can not imagine life without a smartphone –

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Monthly Motto June 2018

„Do your best! – Commit yourself completely and with joy!”   Scripture: (1 Cor 9, 24) “Do you not see that in a running competition all take part, but only one gets the reward? So let your minds be fixed on the reward.” Impulse: Only a few days left, then begins in Russia, the Soccer

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