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Monthly Motto July 2020

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Monthly Motto July 2020

Annual Motto 2020: „Vidimus – We have seen!“

Bible verse for July 2020: Mt 25, 38)

„Lord, when did we see you as a stranger and took you in?“


If we go through life with open eyes, we will have this experience again and again: Many people have a difficult life. They often feel like “strangers” in our society. This applies to children from poor families as well as to people with physical or mental disabilities. These people know only too well what it means to be excluded. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we tried an alternative lifestyle? We should look for like-minded people and say with them to the marginalized: “You are not a stranger to me, but a friend.” The people in the gospel are even amazed when Jesus tells them that they have met Himself in the marginalized. Wouldn’t it be nice if we had this experience too? Let’s try it out!

Jakob Ohm