Successful international youth meeting

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Successful international youth meeting

120 young people from seven different countries. From croatia. Poland. Romania. Slovakia. Ukraine. Hungary. And from Germany. They all met between the 12. and 17. of August in Budapest.

There, socioMovens and the Kommende Dortmund had organized the international youth meeting Compact for Europe. The young people were participants of previous project weeks of socioMovens. Together, they continued what they already started in their local projects: They dealed with the social problems of citys and societys. They visited socially disadvantaged places and tried to find solutions for all the problems. Meanwhile, their practical solidarity and their social engagement were promoted.

At the same time, international networking and connection was on top of the Compact for Europe Agenda. Only together, as a united Europe,  we can cope the problems of our communities and societys. The week showed that the christian values can be the basis of this aim.

Highlight of the six-days long meeting was the concert START NOW, which the young people performed together with the artists of the international performance group Gen Verde. Already before the concert they could find their hidden talents in multidisciplinary workshopsby which their self-development was promoted.

After the first international youth meeting in 2015 in Berlin, the Compact for Europe meeting was as much a success. SocioMovens and the Kommende Dortmund were supported by Malteser Hungary, the hungarian Cartias organisation, the Fazenda da Esperanca and the Kommende-foundation beneVolens.