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Monthly Motto August

„Hang in- Commit yourself completely and with joy!“

Holy Scripture: Mt 5,37

„Your Yes shall be a Yes, your No shall be a No.“



Sometimes it’s hard to make decisions. Especially when the big decisions of life are coming up: what should I do after school? Which job do I want to take? With which person do I want to spend my life? The decision-making process is then often mixed with the fear of setting the course that might not be reversible. But: to be allowed to decide is a privilege. We do not have to wait for external circumstances to determine our lives. The Bible encourages us to go through life with confidence and make the right choices. The Holy Scripture  gives us a compass for that: no matter what I do, the love of the next one should be crucial! The motto this month can help us not to hesitate but to discover how good it is to be committed to a good cause and to stand up for the good of all.


Jakob Ohm

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Monthly Motto July 2018

“Play fair – be honest with yourself and the others!”

Scripture: John 8,32

Jesus says: „If you keep my word, then you are truly my disciples. And you will have knowledge of what is true. And that will make you free!“ (John 8,32)


Many of us can not imagine life without a smartphone – unlike parents or grandparents. And it’s also a great technology that helps me communicate with others, independently, at any time. If I experience something interesting, I can share it with my friends, preferably with a picture. Always up to date and all information in real time! But we also get quickly dependent on it. What if the other person does not answer? When others make an appointment without me? If I’m not „liked“.

And how serious is the other about what he “posted”? It’s great when we chat with each other – but in the end the question remains: what can I build on? Whom can i rely on? Who tells me the truth, even i fit hurts? That’s where Facebook and WhatsApp  come to an end. Ultimately, I need a counterpart: a face, a person to talkt o whom I can trust. The motto of this month wants to help us to communicate in honesty: in the personal encounter, in direct conversation. Play fair! Be honest with you – and the others!

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Monthly Motto June 2018

„Do your best! – Commit yourself completely and with joy!”

Scripture: (1 Cor 9, 24)

“Do you not see that in a running competition all take part, but only one gets the reward? So let your minds be fixed on the reward.”


Only a few days left, then begins in Russia, the Soccer World Cup! 32 teams have qualified for it. Now it’s about the final round and everyone will do their best. But in the end, only one team will win the trophy. All others will be eliminated before. But that does not make them losers. On the contrary! The crucial thing is to give everything, above all: to put yourself in the service of the team. Whoever succeeds in this, may well be the winner, even if the game is lost. So it takes both: to work with all our strength for the common success, but also to accept with serenity, when others end up victorious. And what counts for the sport, proves itself in all other areas of life. You can even make a little prayer out of it. Try it!

God, give me the courage to change things that I can change.

God, give me the serenity to accept things that I can not change.

And give me the wisdom to distinguish one from the other.

Peter Klasvogt