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Monthly Motto November’ 19

„Play fair – Be honest with you and with the others!“

Holy Scripture: Ps 51,12

„Make me, God, a pure heart and give me a new constant spirit.“


There are many situations where we have to meet the needs of others. Tests at school or at university can be situations like these or social expectations in terms of behavior or appearance. That does not have to be negative, because rules often make living together possible. But still: it is important to give your life a “red thread” and not to lose sight of what you desire and hope in the heart. It is often not easy to recognize that. It can help if we practice it in the company of others who are good with us and to whom we can honestly communicate our wishes. This is how we learn to give our life a direction and to set our own accents, which then do not go at the expense of others but also make their lives more beautiful and richer. And because we can rely on the support of God, we can ask with the ancient prayer from the psalms: “Make me, God, a pure heart and give me a new constant spirit!”. If we live like this, the “red threads” of our lives will become a beautiful and sustainable network for all.

Jakob Ohm

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Moto kolovoz ’19

Budi svjetlo mira (prema pjesmi „Accendi la pace“ od Gen Verde

Biblija: psalam 34,15

Traži mir i za njim idi!“


Lako se stekne dojam kako živimo u ratnom i nemirnom svijetu. To se odnosi na velike izvore sukoba, ali i na naš suživot u društvu, gdje se ponekad svatko bori protiv svakoga. Pitam se: što se dogodilo sa velikim obećanjem mira o kojem nam govori biblija? Možda nam riječi iz psalma mogu pokazati ispravan smjer: ukoliko doista želim postići mir, tada ću započeti od sebe.

Mir je više od odricanja od nasilja. To je životni stav u kojem dobronamjerno prilazim drugima i poštujem ih kao vrijedne ljude, posebno one siromašne i odbačene. To je ponekad teško ostvariti samo svojom snagom. Bog je saveznik koji nas u tome uvijek pomaže. Možemo Mu se obratiti putem ove, stare molitve: „Gospodine, učini me oruđem svoga mira!“ Tako ćemo postati blistava svjetla u ovom, često nemirnom svijetu. 

Jakob Ohm

YouTube “Accendi la Pace” by GenVerde

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Monthly Motto July ’19

“Made to be played!” (After the song by Gen Verde)

Holy Scripture: Ephesians 4: 3

Seek to save the Unity of the Spirit


After an exciting football game, it is often analyzed which players deserve special credit for the victory, who were the “playmakers”. However, the scorers themselves often say: without the cooperation of the whole team their success would not have been possible. Only if a player constantly pays attention to where his teammates are standing and has open eyes for the whole of the game, he moves forward. You could almost say that he plays well only if he lets himself be played by the rhythm of the game and his colleagues.

I think that’s a nice analogy to our everyday life and to our coexistence: we can only achieve the real good if we allow ourselves to be addressed by others and have open eyes and wide hearts for them. Only then does a creative “interaction” arise: the hardships and worries of life keep their seriousness, but if we share them and carry them together, they may lose their horrors.

YouTube Video Made to be Played by GenVerde