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Compact for Europe

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Compact for Europe

The International Youth Project “Compact for Europe“, carried out from 12-17 August 2018 in Budapest, serves as a six-day network meeting for the establishment of youth-social commitment in Central and Eastern Europe on the ground of christian values. One of the main goals of this encounter is the examination of the social issues and social challenges on site. The participants get informed about possibilities of contributing to solutions for social issues through personal involvement. Furthermore, the participants will be given soft skill training and will also take part in artistic workshops which nurture personality development. The joint action and the elaboration of a shared basis of christian values promote the participants’ individual, social commitment in their home countries and are supposed to advance the set-up of a network of social commitment in Europe which draws its strength from its christian heritage.

The “Compact for Europe” meeting is the second one of its kind. In 2015 the youth of Europe met in Berlin.

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