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Monthly Motto March

“Be the voice of the truth”

Bible: 1 John 3,18

“Let us not love with words nor with tongues, but with deeds and with truth.”


Was something ever on your mind and you did not know how to tell the other? To tell the truth without hurting or shaming my counterpart can sometimes be a real tightrope walk. Then it may be good to keep telling yourself that “truth” and “love” belong together. Truth without love is cold and hurtful, love without truth is not sincere. This is also a basic message of the gospel. It depends on the attitude: when we start to take the other person seriously and meet him sincerely and lovingly, then we as a community can also create a new and better reality in which love and truth have their place and where every human being can grow. Then, we may also learn what the Bible elsewhere says, “The truth will set you free.” (John 8: 32) Then we can constructively address the “great” truths, such as pressing social injustices or ecological problems.  If this is not a good intention for the preperation for Easter: give the truth a voice – but in love!

Jakob Ohm

YouTube Video “Voz de la Verdad” by GenVerde

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Monthly Motto February’ 19

„Break the chain!“

Holy Scripture: John 4, 16-18

„We have recognized and faithfully accepted the love that God has for us. God is love, and whoever stays in love stays in God and God stays in him. … Fear does not exist in love, but perfect love dispels fear.“

Freedom – what a big word! Many people say freedom is the most important thing in life. But what does it really mean to be “free”? I think it means more than just doing and letting what you want. It also means more than having as much free time – as tempting as that may be. Maybe we have to first recognize what makes us unfree: if I see my neighbor as a rival or as a threat, then that binds me like a chain. So we are invited to change our view of the Other and do and wish him good. This will dissolve the inner blocks of fear and anger. So freedom gets a much deeper meaning. God then gives us freedom that comes from within and radiates outwards. I can then say to others: “I do not fear you, because I love you!”. That’s the look that God has on us. We are invited to recognize this and to do the same. So we can do it, as Gen Verde sings: “Break the Chain!”

Jakob Ohm

YouTube Video “Break the Chain” by Gen Verde

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Гасло 12/2018

«Будь світлом для свогоміста!»

Святе Письмо: Єремія 29, 7

«І дбайте про спокій міста, куди Я вас вигнав, і моліться за нього до Господа,бо в спокої його буде і ваш спокій»


Уявіть, що  у Вас гостює якась людина, і Ви хочете показатиїй своє місто. Звідки почнете екскурсію і куди поведете її? Мабуть, Ви зразузгадали декілька місць, які хотіли б відвідати, і які варто показати гостю.Безперечно, є також території, яких Ви б точно уникали: брудна ріка,зруйнований покинутий будинок, моторошна алея… Ці «Темні сторони» – місцязневіри і безнадії. Здається, що уникати їх – базовий інстинкт. Але що як мипоглянемо на них, як на новий виклик? Це прекрасна можливість об’єднатися зоднодумцями і допомогти місту, перетворивши занедбані недоліки на придатні дляжиття плюси. Це не тільки змінить загальну атмосферу, а й дасть надію людям, щотам живуть. Ми покликані взяти відповідальність за наш життєвий простір і бутисвітлом для всіх, хто мешкає на покинутих «темних сторонах» міста.